Auto insurers depend on data. The right information, on time, of high quality and low cost, enables differentiation and strategic advantage. At DriveEDR, we enable our customers to see and act on critical vehicle metrics. We put essential information at your fingertips and in drivers’ hands. It’s affordable, insightful and reliable. It’s vehicle data, on demand.


Measure mileage
Vehicle mileage is a traditional rating factor and strongly associated with claims frequency. We measure the mileage of each vehicle with accuracy, in real time.

Score Drivers
Score drivers. Speeds, aggressive acceleration and other behaviors increase the risk of a crash and a claim. Our scoring is shown to accurately reflect driving styles and is associated with lower claims rates.

See Vehicle Locations
See where each of your vehicles are in real time.

Manage Trips
Deliver insight into each trip made. See route, date, time and other key details. Granular insight necessary for pay as you drive insurance (PAYD) policies.

Manage Pooled Vehicles
Know who is driving which vehicle, where and when. Each vehicle can recognize any authorized driver (phones with driveEDR app installed) for comprehensive insight into pooled vehicle usage.

Manage Non Own Auto Liability
Businesses whose employees use their own vehicles for work purposes are exposed to risk from accidents if they do not carry suitable Non Owned Auto Liability coverage. Our plug and play sensor makes it really easy for the employee to use driveEDR when on the clock, and disengage when not working, protecting driver privacy and program compliance.

Hear Real Time Feedback
Audible prompts and guidance to drivers delivered via the app on the phone, immediately after an exception event, is effective feedback for drivers and improves safety.

Classify Trips By Type
Drivers can select from a list of trip types on the app. Assists with billing, and tax reporting (benefit in kind for employees with company owned vehicles used for personal use)

How It Works


Insert Plug and Play Device Into Vehicle’s 12V DC Outlet.  Pair With Your Mobile Phone Using Bluetooth. App Sends Data To Our Server.


Data and Analytics
visible on Desktop
and phone


Safe Driving +
Confirmed Mileage +
visibility into Vehicle +
Location = Savings

Better Data Equals Lower Cost

Better Insight Leads to Lower Cost, and Risk, of Vehicle Operations

5% to 8%
reduction in fuel use annually

Based on passenger car and van fleet types, urban and suburban driving . Assuming 15K miles /year, an average gas price of $2.20/gallon, a vehicle could save about $131 /vehicle/year.

Speeding Events
Dropped by 30%

20% of drivers
improved their
scores in the first 90 days

When drivers’ scores generated by the system are actively monitored by the business owner or supervisor. 50% of drivers who are given a DriveEDR score target by their supervisor, and who receive feedback, will score 81, or better.  Less than 3% of drivers will achieve a score of 81 without a score target, monitoring and supervision.

Claims Dropped
between 20% to

When system has been in use at least one year.

Vehicles w/ the worst scores are
up to 6X more likely to have
claims than the best.

FNOL Takes 4~5
days today. We
reduce the time
lag to 1 minute

The average time elapsed between a vehicle collision event and notification to an insurer is 5 days on average, for vehicles not equipped with crash reporting systems using telemetry. DriveEDR latency is approx. 1 minute, however latency is a function of many factors including mobile network coverage , network congestion, signal availability and other factors, and may be longer than 1 minute.


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